Founder and President

marc greenberg founder of hospice helper

Marc Greenberg started Hospice Helpers in 2015 to address the horrific conditions he encountered while volunteering for a local Los Angeles Hospice. He then brought his friend, Alexander Urry on board to help with the financial side of things. Together they have built out a network of Hospice Helper’s chapters and to grow the Volunteer Fund.

Currently Marc intends to become a doctor to bring compassion and care to all of his patients and to help address and alleviate their suffering.


Alexander Urry plans on fulfilling his social and intellectual goals through an MD/MBA program where I can further both my passions in entrepreneurship and medicine.

We at The Hospice Helpers go to communities and provide presents to patients in need. You to can join us as we go to communities to help bring joy and gifts to patients. The Hospice Helpers was founded in 2015 to specifically help provide joy to the final moments of patient’s lives. Do you know someone who has been placed in hospice and want to buy them a gift but cannot afford to buy small gifts regularly? Well then, contact us below for gift approval and we will reimburse you the cost after a verification process.

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To all of those who do wish to help, know each and everyone has the ability to truly make a patients day.