Hospice Helper’s Partners and Associates

Occidental College prides itself on its ability to produce engaged and critically minded students. It is through this University that the first Hospice Helpers organization was formed in 2015. Click the Occidental Crest to see more about the College.

Verudgo Hospice is a wonderful organization that serves as the primary site of volunteer placement for Hospice Helpers of the Occidental Chapter. Hospice Helpers serves to provide volunteers for patients of Verdugo as well as funds for the volunteers to provide gifts for their patients.

American Health Care Professionals, lead by Dr. Clishia Taylor, are an amazing organization and Community Based Organization within Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. Their aim is to provide compassionate and quality patient centric services. The Hospice Helpers operates within American Health Care Professionals financial model to allow for tax-deductible donations directly to The Hospice Helpers. Interested in learning more about American Health Care? Go to www.ahcpofva.com

Bless My People is an amazing organization aimed at addressing the healthcare disparities within the United States and abroad. With amazing and innovative programs, Bless My People is truly making a difference. As a partner of The Hospice Helpers, donations to The Hospice Helpers can go through the Bless My People donation center to allow for tax-deductible donations. Interested in donating to The Hospice Helpers? Go to the following link, and click “Other” and place your donation: www.blessmypeople.org/donations

About Hospice Helpers


Why Hospice Helpers?

Hospice Helpers was founded in early 2015 to address the growing needs of a terminally ill patient population. Cramped into small rooms with other individuals, often times without even their families to visit them, the patients who checked into Hospice suffer rather than feel better.We strive to alleviate their suffering through providing gifts to Hospice volunteers to give to their patients. A small gesture can make a large impact in someone’s life.

Our Mission and Beliefs

We at Hospice Helpers serve those who can no longer do so on their own.We do not accept that money should determine whether one suffers or not in their final days of life.We challenge stigma and confront death as a topic to be discussed We seek to provide each patient a friend that will support them throughout the rest of their life. We will give more than just gifts. We will give our all.